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Andrei Dobrescu

Andrei Dobrescu
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The soul is bone

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Fantasy Wallpapers HD and Widescreen | Fantasy Creation Art wallpaper

Celestial beings have fascinated me more than any other fictional character, because of their superior presence and yet the flaws that come from being molded into human form.

Achilles. Corfu. Greece.  Another statue, but still fits well into my Bronze Age time period. Achilles participated in the Trojan War (which is likely to have taken place in the previously mentioned time-period) and is the subject of many tales in mythology.

Déjà vu you / Detail: Achilles / Corfu / Greece.

Daria Shy

Daria Shy by Alexander Margolin on


Vision by Dzeri

Something about being drunk and sad and still partying reminds me of drowning. Maybe there's a way to capture that in an abstract location?

Underwater Portraits by Hana Al Sayed / art / photography / inspiration / via: iamturbo

COSMIC - Sacred Geometry

Heirarchy of Consciousness- Daniel Martin Diaz - Tucson, AZ artist

Atlas, the world on your shoulders

ledeopk: “ ledeopk : live your life ” would look great on a man upper arm!