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"There is one rule, above all others, for a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet." al'Lan Mandragoran, The Great Hunt

New Spring The Graphic Novel Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, Mike Miller (Illustrator), Chuck Dixon, Harvey Tolibao (Illustrator)

For me, If Greandal had ever existed, she would exactly look like this woman, or maybe a little bit more cruel version of her :)

Fantasy set into Tolstoyś Anna Karenina era - a bored virgin aristocratic girl meets a middle-aged drunkard war hero - who then introduces her to rough sex and spanking etc. the cleavages in those area dresses play major role in this fantasy

In the Old Tongue, Aes Sedai means "servants of all", and the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends lived up to this definition. They aided mankind as scientists, healers and philosophers. Women used saidar and men saidin, although it is believed that channelers in the Age of Legends were much stronger, or at least more knowledgeable in the Power than their modern equivalents; it is believed that they could fly, and things that would seem miraculous today were supposedly commonplace to them. Some…

In the Old Tongue, Aes Sedai means "servants of all," and the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends.