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casual cardigan

A well trimmed beard is super sexy, especially if kept long enough to be soft. Now I'm kinda thinking about letting my boyfriend grow that beard. ---- my comment: GORGEOUSNESSSSSSS

What Career Should You Actually Have?

I got Humanitarian! "You are a giver, a justice seeker. You spend more time thinking about others than yourself, and more than anything just want what you’re doing to help someone in some way." What Career Should YOU Actually Have? Take the quiz.


Johnny Cash at the Hollywood Bowl June S) He has to be the greatest man to ever live. He saved my life in so many ways. He taught me to get back up when life throws you down. You need to stand on your own two feet with no one's help but your own

Typewriter Series #282 by Tyler Knott Gregson

It is all for you. Every word. Every thing I do. You are the stubborn pumping of this aching heart - Tyler Knott Gregson (typewriter series