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an image of colorful flowers and smiley faces on a blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, black background
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a cartoon smiley face surrounded by many different colored patterns and colors that make it look like he is smiling
Indie art
a pink and black poster with lots of different faces on the front, one has a smiley face
an image of many different faces on a purple background
Phone wallpaper full of colorful blobs of smiley faces inside with a 3D effect. Colors are: background- pastel pink, smiley face outlines are dark brown, blobs are blue, light orange, pastel yellow, muted pink, and salmon Backgrounds, Happy Wallpaper, Emoji, Fotos, Resim, Sanat, Mor, Cute Simple Wallpapers
Smiley face happy wallpaper
Lil phone wallpaper i created :)
purple and pink smiley face stickers on a white surface with black outline, in the shape of hearts
a painting with many different faces on it
many different colored rocks with faces drawn on them