Maramures, Romania

XVII wooden church,Maramures Romania, UNESCO Heritage Site, Considered the last truly bucolic region in Europe.

Făgăraş ­ Ţara Cerurilor Deschise.  Romania

Traditionally dressed family from Fagaras (The Land of the open skyes), Romania / Traditioneel geklede familie uit Fagaras Făgăraş ­ Ţara Cerurilor Deschise.

Lipscani Street, Bucharest, Romania (1929)

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Traditional costumes - Banat, Romania

Old Traditional costumes - Banat city, ( terithory was a Hungarian Transylvania till 1918 Romania


Marginea is known for its black clay ceramics. Bukovina is a historical region in Central Europe, Ukraine, located on the northern slopes of the central Eastern Carpathians and the adjoining plains.

Making wool clothing in Vrancea, Romania, photo Emanuel Tanjala

Making Wool Clothing In Vrancea Romania Photograph by Emanuel Tanjala

Easter in Maramures, Romania.

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