Romania.. Been here. Beautiful Brasov. Toured entire country. . I even went to Transavania. But didn't have time to go see the famous Dracula castle.  I also remember seeing so many dogs on side of road just chillin. Haha.  Lots of gypsy people too.

22 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania Now

Transfagarasan mountain highway,  Romania.

Transfagarasan Highway, one of the most spectacular roads in the world ( says Tog Gear guys)

Clouds rolling over the mountains in Romania - The Rodna Mountains are part of the Eastern Carpathians in Northern Romania.- Photo by Lazar Ovidiu

Clouds rolling over Rodnei Mountains in Romania - Photo by Lazar Ovidiu

Rarau mountains, Romania,

Life without my lovely daughter Jordana Bree Calvey has been Very Trying. love dad Struggle between heaven and earth by Robert Ungurianu on Yourshot

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