Andreea Warren

Andreea Warren

Fumul e un nor, iar norul e un vis.
Andreea Warren
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Robert M. Drake #546 by Robert M. Drake #rmdrake @rmdrk Beautiful chaos is now available through my etsy.

"She brought out the storms in people. She knew wherever there we'd dark skies and wild winds, lied a truth. And that is all she ever wanted, for everyone around her to embrace their storms and fall in love with their own violent winds.

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I will rise from the ashes

there is a girl she is wise and wary of flames but still, she knows she will survive the fire life scorches sometimes. she has been a phoenix before and every time she burns to ashes she knows exactly how to rise again.

The worst thing you could do is tame the chaos in you. - R. M. Drake

the worst thing you could fi is tame the chaos in you. it's like being told not to feel when you're thrown in the fire. drake This poem convey what I feel exactly

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I love it when people expect me to be one way, and I send them away with a story that's very hard to explain.