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Jacob & Company Morganite Drop Earrings with Brazilian Morganite, Pink Rubellite, Burmese Pink Spinel, White & Diamonds

victoria-transvaal diamond necklace.

Victoria-Transvaal Diamond Necklace: Museum of Natural History, Washington D. This pear-shaped, champagne-colored diamond of carats has 116 facets. Cut from a crystal, it is suspended from a chain of 108 diamonds that total about 45 carats.

68 carat champagne diamond I would want this one day. Maybe. The Incensewoman

Victoria-Transvaal Diamond is a 68 carat, champagne-colored diamond cut into a pear shape. Found in the Transvaal province, South Africa. The Necklace consists of gold chain with 106 diamonds in varying carats and shapes to enhance the 'starring' gem.

Magnificent necklace, 180 carats in spinel, Harry Winston

Magnificent necklace, 180 carats in spinel, Harry Winston “ How would you describe this? Ruby Rings Nature rings Couture Jewelry Piece of the Day: Cartier Ruby Diamond Ring OK you are right A.