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a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a wooden floor covered in windows
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
barbados house3
a man that is kneeling down in front of a wall with some insulation on it
How to Soundproof a Room
Soundproof a room. If u hear outside noises, this is a great way to do it. Also perfect for in home recording studio.
a large amount of empty beer bottles in an unfinished room with a window on the wall
?- Glass-bottle floor insulation
Glass bottle sub-floor, April 2012 Because the glass bottles hold a layer of air between the dirt and the concrete floor, it acts as a blanket under the floor, keeping the house temperature more sta
two men working on a sand sculpture in front of a building that has been built into the ground
Built In Windows In A Cob Cottage - Beautiful!
Step by step guide to built in windows in cob building.
a table and chairs in a room with white walls, exposed beams and wooden flooring
Casa y Campo Revista - Decoración, muebles, estilo | Casa&Campo
Gran casa de pueblo en Segovia -
a living room filled with furniture and a wood stove
Beautiful space - love the box seat in the sunny window
an empty room with two windows and a bench
Straw Bale and Tiny Homes - Tiny House Blog
Strawbale construction: 3 times the insulation value of a conventional wall; 3 times more fire proof than a conventional home (yes, you read that right!); lessens pollution by using a waste material that normally contributes significantly to the pollution cycle; ideal building system for the owner builder; incredibly sound proof; able to withstand natural disasters (earthquakes, high wind/tornado) significantly better than a conventional home; aesthetically beautiful. <3
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in sheer curtains and drapes
HACIA EL SOFÁ........................
Las Cositas de Beach & eau: HACIA EL SOFÁ........................
a white kitchen with blue doors and wooden beams on the ceiling is pictured in this image
lampara con pantalla de mimbre
there are two pictures of the same room in this house, one is white and the other is blue
Rooms within the dream home
a bathroom with blue walls and tile flooring has a white sink, tub, and mirror