Little kid between two adorable Burros. I think he is hand feeding one of them.

i should get rid of the living room and have this instead.

library/ piano room :) Put on back wall in music room.

Piano Room. It would be amazing to have the piano by bay windows

What could be more glamorous than a piano, floor to ceiling windows, and artfully draped curtains? Luxurious House Design by Russian Architects, Black and White interior design 2012 design room design

music room

Framed sheet music for a potential office/music room.

A music room!

a music space, divided from the living room. could use reclaimed industrial glass doors/windows, would be beautiful

Traditional Living Room by Powell & Bonnell via Digest OMG I love this livingroom! The windows are gorgeous

Wood/ piano// couch/// simple but beautiful

Beautiful music room.

Three Cheers for the Home Team

beautiful living room with baby grand piano

simple, clean design. have always had a soft spot for this Scandinavian style of restraint.

When I was three years old I begged my mom to teach me to play piano. I think I loved the idea of being able to make something beautiful. When she started teaching me to play my passion for music blossomed.

B piano room

Cool Music Room Decorating Ideas : Minimalist Room Decor With Piano Music In Corner Ideas

I only play the ukelele for now, but branching out would give me much better reason to have a music room

I love guitars and pianos! I already know how to play piano and will soon learn how to play guitar. I think the piano and guitar always play great together! Especially acoustic.