modern 300 m2 house in Vilnius by NG architects.

I would install solar panels on the roof, cover the concrete porch with wood, minimize the size of the stones leading to the stairs in the third picture, and replace the black walls with wood. -HSG modern 300 house in Vilnius by NG architects

hafency public space - I need to get rid of all the other furniture and put these in the living room :)

Hafencity Public Space

Innovative street furniture on display in this open space in Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany The LA Team

Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran

Sheikh Lotf-allah’s Mosque - Isfahan - Iran (photo credit- Erfan Shoara) LIGHT IS EVERYTHING when considering a design. Try to imagine how the natural light will enhance your design, your layout, your colours.


Building with Bamboo: 13 Super Sustainable Structures

It& natural, thrives in diverse climates, grows up to a whopping 39 inches per day and is super-strong; why isn& bamboo already used more often as a

filtro vegetal

'Light of Shodoshima' giant dome constructed of island-grown bamboo trees . illuminated at night by LEDs photo: Kimito Takahashi

Penda's modular bamboo hotel could be expanded horizontally and vertically

Penda designs flexible bamboo hotel to connect guests with nature

Penda’s Low-Impact Modular Bamboo Hotel Reconnects Visitors with nature. - Read more: one with the birds by penda « Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building