It’s the time of year to be thinking about Easter eggs! If you and the kids love to do-it-yourself, we have the recipe for you. It will help you get bright Easter eggs with ingredients you already have in your cupboard! No need for the expensive store bought Easter dying kits, and the kids can help with the final touches!

How to Dye Bright Easter Eggs (with food coloring)

We love to dye easter eggs at my house! It seems like kids old and young can get involved in this family activity! We have been using this method for years at our house! This recipe will

Best "Napoleon" Cake Ever!

Best ‘Napoleon’ Cake Ever

I am excited beyond words to share with you this recipe, because it truly makes the best ‘Napoleon’ Cake ever! This recipe was gotten from here, but originally my friend Inna shared it with me on F.

Such a great resource for dyeing Easter eggs naturally with real food ingredients you may already have in your kitchen!

How To Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

After experimenting with everything from lemon peels and carrots to raspberries and grape juice, has put together a list of everyday ingredients that consistently yield beautiful, vibrant colors. Here's how to dye Easter eggs naturally .

Kool Aid egg dye plus a hidden message for a treat. Bunny Tales (powdered donut holes)

Blue Skies Ahead: Secret Message Easter Eggs dies with Kool-Aid!

I had no idea you could do this~ Dye Easter Eggs with Kool Aid!

Are we the only ones who didn't know this awesome Kool-Aid hack?