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the color scheme for pink and red
Sophisticated, Colour Palette, Colour Pallete
the color scheme is purple and blue, with different hues in each one section
the color scheme for an ocean themed wallpaper
the color scheme for blue and purple is shown in this image, with different shades
four abstract paintings in different shades of grey, white and black on a white background
Meteor Street Studio Brand Design Colors
4 separate photos with their corresponding colour codes beside them but laid out in an aesthetically pleasing layout. photos are of leaves, water Interior, Ideas, Natural Design
Canva Colour Palette with Hex Codes - Canva Designs
A soft & neutral Spring colour palette. Type these hex codes into the colour field on Canva to use for your next design. Feature available with Canva Pro.
A light background with 4 images of sparkling waters with a colour pulled from each photo and their corresponding hex codes for them listed beside. They vary from dark to light shades of blue. Color Design Inspiration
Canva Colour Palette with Hex Codes | Canva Designs