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This great hairdo works for occasions like wedding as well as dates. The bun teased and looks very lovely when you take the time to set it with hair that is carefully arranged.

Vintage Demystified: Untangling The Curls Of Past Eras

The term “vintage waves” gets attached to styles ranging from head-hugging undulations to voluminous curls. While it’s true that both of these looks come from the past, lumping them into one catego.

Jacqueline Kennedy in a red wool suit by Oleg Cassini, 1961

Jacqueline Kennedy wearing a red wool suit 1961 This is when my love affair with skirt suits began.

16 Style Lessons to Learn from Jackie Kennedy - Heighten Color Contrast from InStyle.com

16 Style Lessons to Learn from Jackie Kennedy

American first lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrives on 21 November on what would be the final domestic trip of husband John Kennedy's presidency, San Antonio, Texas, United States, photograph by Newsmakers (photographer unattributed).

Setting directions for bouffant hairstyles from the mid 1960s! Brush curlers were not fun to sleep in! lol

Setting directions for bouffant hairstyles from the mid They still teach this in cosmetology classes and prep for the test! wow i really did learn this like my first week of cosmetology school.

In the late 1940's women started to become full-fledged members of the work force, and dressed like it.

Tailored pant suits became popular for women the the forties. This was because when they were needed in the workforce, they needed more protection. This was also a cause of Rosie the Riveter and her call to help for the need of woman in the workforce.

...beautiful red headed Jean Shrimpton, 1965

As The Smithereens sang in "Behind The Wall of Sleep, "She had hair like Jeannie Shrimpton back in beautiful red headed Jean Shrimpton, 1965