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I love sloths. One of my life goals is to spend time with a sloth or sloths preferably baby sloths. They r my spirt animal

I love dirty sloth.

Perverted sloth - wrong on SO many levels. But I'm Hispanic, so it's okay.

31 Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes - Bridal Eye Makeup Tutorial -Great Step by Step Tutorials and Videos for Beginners and Ideas for Makeup for Brown Eyes -Natural Everyday Looks -Smokey Prom and Wedding Looks -Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Looks for night

Makeup For Beginners With Products And Step By Step Tutorial Lists That Cover What To Buy, How To Apply, And Basic Tips And Tricks For Make Up Beginners. Curious How To Put On Eyeshadow Or Contour For An Easy And Natural Look? These Tutorials And Hacks Sh

There is a way to make your eyelashes appear fuller and longer-- Tightline your eyes! Learn through this step by step article. (Makeup Ideas Step By Step)

Lilykit she kit looks like her father. Born to Feathernose and Oakfur. PB: ME!!!

What a beautiful kitten: Kitty Cats, Doll Face Persian Cat, Ginger Kitten, Cats Kittens, Red Cat

Quotes by Scorpio: I see everything. That is my curse.

The intuition. This is not a curse, it's a gift. Intelligent people like this are beyond special to have. It's a blessing, not a curse ❣