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Buckeye Cake from The Biscoff Cookie & Spread Cookbook!

Biscoff Buckeye Cake from The Biscoff Cookie & Spread Cookbook. Chocolate cake with fluffy Biscoff Filling and Biscoff Chocolate Ganache topping.

The Perfect Crusting Buttercream

Perfect Crusting Buttercream - I use this recipe when making my rose cake, my hydrangea cake, or any cake that I want the frosting to be able to hold its shape! This makes quite a bit, but can be refrigerated quite easily.

Dark Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream - Dark and rich, this Dark Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream is the perfect centerpiece for your Halloween party. Chocolate lovers will instantly fall in love with this dark chocolate cake!

Dark with - Really yummy! Only did three layers and increased the frosting recipe x (whole jar of Nutella) to cover the whole cake. Will add more Nutella to the frosting next time for better flavor.

Coffee Cream Cake!

amazing Coffee Cream Cake -- coffee flavored cake with creamy vanilla frosting between the layers and a poured coffee icing! adapted from The Pioneer Woman (see original recipe for a yummy variation on the frosting). For coffee lovers only ;

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies!

Lazy version - just buy premade store bought chocolate cookies and just do the spider chocolate chip part on top! Creepy Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies recipe for Halloween parties dessert ideas October bunco bunko ideas