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a painting of the sun setting over a river with trees and bushes on either side
the art of animation — Matt Gaser
The Art Of Animation — Matt Gaser
an image of a window with clouds in the sky above it that is lit up at night
Animation Backgrounds
Animation Backgrounds - Imgur
a painting of people swimming in a pond
l’art est une étoile on Twitter
l’art est une étoile on Twitter: "“The Bathing Pool” by Hubert Robert… "
a painting of a woman in an orange dress standing on a balcony next to a waterfall
The famed "Mathra Aurelanis" or Mother Palace, is said to be the most beautiful building in the known world.
a painting of people standing in front of a waterfall
The Lady In Tweed
wetreesinart: “ Hubert Robert (1733-1808), Jet d'eau dans le bosquet des Musés à Marly, c. 1775 - 1780 ”
a painting of an outdoor area with flowers and plants on the steps, water falls in the background
Le Cascate by Guido Borelli
Le Cascate by Guido Borelli - Le Cascate Painting - Le Cascate Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
a painting of a garden with fountains and trees
Color & Light
Color & Light - Laurens Paul-Albert - Rendezvous in the Park
a painting of a man and woman hugging in front of an iron gate with trees behind them
The Kiss by Silvio Allason
The Kiss by Silvio Allason (1845 - 1912) was an Italian painter, mainly of land, sea, and moonscapes. He was a resident in Turin.
an artistic painting of a staircase in a palace with dragon statues on the steps and railings
Entrance Hall, Karlsimon .
Beauty & the Beast Concept art created for Disney's 2017 live action remake of the animated film
an image of a painting of people in the water by a building with columns and statues
Hubert Robert | The Bathing Pool | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an oil painting of horses and riders in a garden by a fountain with stone arches
Beauty and the Harpsichord
loumargi: “ Friedrich-Frank-Austrian-1871-1945-The-Roman-Ruins-in-Schönbrunn ”
a painting of people sitting on steps next to a body of water with statues in the background
Aqua Regia - “The Bathing Pool” (1753) - Hubert Robert
someone is reading a book in the grass
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