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INFOGRAPHIC: Consumerism and Christmas. Breakdown of an average American's spending habits during the holiday season.

Tis the season to be spendy! Find out what the typical shopper spends, where they spend it and on what items. Christmas statistics on commerce and shopping. Holiday shopping trends by Illumination Consulting, via Infographic for Christmas commerce.

How and why to live with less infographic. #minimalism #simple-living #consumerism

American Minimalist Movement: How has the American way of living changed? Are Americans turning to a more minimalist mindset? From living pace to free time, Americans have adjusted to a life that is often deemed as stressful and burdensome.

What Actually Makes Consumers to Follow Your Corporate Brand? #Infographic…

Branding is indeed the foremost and important strategy for almost every business. Both small and big businesses are constantly searching for interesting ways of making customers …