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Roller Ball Blends

I have an obsession with mixing essential oils and I love a roller bottle so that I can roll on whatever blend I have dreamed up. Here a few ideas for making your own blends: I buy my roller bottl.

The Essential Oil Body Map

Essential Oils for Health and Healing - Common ailments and medical conditions, corresponding body system or organ and common and not so common essential oil - Essential Oil Body Map [Infographic]

Room to Bloom in 3rd Grade: classroom decor

I will use the "Focus Board" in my classroom for when my students are finished with their work early and still have time in their station. They can go to the Focus Board and pick something to do (WHEN FINISHED WITH THEIR WORK!


Hearts are everywhere I look, it makes this girls "heart" happy! That's why I knew that I had to find some new Heart Crafts and Treats to make.