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Europan 10, Lisbjerg, Denmark - WE Architecture

Europan 10 - Lisbjerg, DK - we architecture

3x10 House - AHL architects associates

Over the years, Hanoi has been spontaneously developing and tube house has become a popular style in this city: the houses stand beside each other, deep in n.

Piercy & Co., Wakefield St Townhouses. Model

fabriciomora: Wakefield St Townhouses - Piercy&Company Model showing central staircase lit by natural light from a large skylight.

Maquette <3

Should you be ready to visualize the method by which the design looks from a number of angles, it will certainly help to foresee any shortcomings and improve the designs.

How to Make Impressive Architectural Models? Your complete guide -

Its like an inversion of Yunha's final. Also at a much, much smaller scale. I really like the materials of the main structure and how the interior space of one leg spills on the roof terrace of the other lower leg.