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Andra Withlove

Andra Withlove
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Embroidered ‘Psychological Landscapes’ That Tell Stories In Thread | Bored Panda

I am a self-taught embroidery artist who creates figurative narratives in thread. My background is actually in traditional fine art but I stumbled upon the

Polish Artist Covers A 100-Year-Old House In Finland With Pink Crochet | Bored…

A Tennessee church group has recycled tens of thousands discarded plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless and they don't plan on stopping there. The group of women, many of whom are elderly, call themselves

Sleeping hare made from vintage table cloth

Textile sculpture: by the artist enigmatically named Mr Finch. Sleeping hare made from vintage table cloth - Obsessed with this for the corner of a daybed or a wicker love seat on a big screened in porch.