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The neural control of micturition

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Artery Anatomy Arm - Health, Medicine and Anatomy Reference Pictures

Artery Anatomy Arm is an elastic blood vessel that transports blood away from the heart. Arterial thrombosis is a blood clot that develops in an artery. It is the job of the arterial system to carr.

Everything there is to know about thyroid cancer This relatively common cancer affects three times as many women as men. Thyroid cancer is a type of cancer — an abnormal, out-of-control growth of cells — that affects the thyroid gland. The thyroi…

A new campaign seeks to warn the public about the cancer risks linked to eating over-cooked starchy foods like burnt toast and over-roasted potatoes.

Whirlpool sign of sigmoid volvulus | Radiology Case |

Clinical and imaging features compatible with sigmoid volvulus. A specific CT sign for volvulus is the whirlpool sign, which has been described in volvulus of the midgut, cecum, and sigmoid colon.