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Pop Of Blue, Nail Art by Essie Looks. Create a beautiful at-home manicure in a seductive deep violet nail look with a pop of opulent azure that's anything but camera shy.

My Anxiety

Quote on anxiety: My anxiety is silent. You wouldn’t even notice a change on the outside, but I’m honestly so stressed I can’t even manage simple tasks. People call me lazy when in reality I’m just overwhelmed.

In my marriage, I was too afraid to speak up. In my relationship with my LT boyfriend, I felt freer to speak up and worked so hard to be heard, but the more I shared my feelings, the more it stayed the same. Nothing would ever change. For a day, it always seemed like it would but then he'd go back to ignoring me (but not other women) but telling me he loved me when I asked for the same consideration. I found if they can't address the smallest of matters,they won't address the big ones…

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote If they don't change, especially over several years, they're never going to! There comes a point where it's time to leave. Sharing is Caring

Learned the hard way, DON'T DO THIS FOR A NARCISSIST!  Never ever, ever, stand by someone that treats you badly and says one thing but does another, i.e. says he loves you, NEVER shows it, is abuse.  Run.  Believe me, it is better to be alone than in a relationship with a person that uses your good heart and your good soul.

There's sometimes a battle between the mind and the heart, what exactly should you do now! It's hard to pretend you are ok with it all, when in's just as tough as the day before. I gave my body heart and soul