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Outline | Brigitte Kowanz

Nice use of lights used for decoration, looks like scafolding. I also like how its discrete and not all over the place. Its using this jagged flowing motion from the pattern used.

A skating trail along a frozen river in Winnipeg is home to art installation warming huts.

In Winnipeg, a Skating Rink That Doubles as a Sculpture Park: A skating trail along a frozen river in the Canadian city is home to inventive installations called “warming huts.

RAW Designs "Nuzzles" won the Winnipeg Warming Hut competition with these shelters for skaters. They also glow at night.

RAW Design has won the Warming Huts Competition with their fur-inspired Nuzzles. The colorful and fluffy design keeps the ice skaters warm along the frozen Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg, Canada.

How to Construct Large Structures Out of Small Ones

“ How to make big things out of small pieces “Researchers invent a new approach to assembling big structures — even airplanes and bridges — out of small interlocking composite components. Chandler, MIT News Office ”