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an old book with some type of poem on it's cover and the words are written in cursive font
Love and Space Dust Volume
an image of a rainbow with the quote once the sun, asked the moon for a hug, and the world named it an eclipse
the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe
Paartätowierung - Lieben Sie dieses Zitat, möglicherweise eine Paartätowierung, mit einer Son...
the most beautiful part is, i want even looking when i found you
3 Solutions to the Most Common Marriage Problems
an image of a quote on the back of a book
30 Fall Quotes That Prove Autumn Is The Best Season
a piece of paper with the words, soul's don't meet by accident
two hands reaching out to each other with the words, soul don't meet by accident
souls don’t meet by accident
william shakespeare quote about love and feelings on white paper with black ink writing, which reads when i saw you fell in love and you smiled because you knew
I want my life to be, only Christ in me.