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cherries with bows and hearts on a white background seamless wallpaper or fabric
red cherry aesthetic
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a bunch of different types of food on a white background, including strawberries and other foods
Check out sophiavlin's Shuffles strawberry collage #moodboard #strawberry #pink #red #aesthetic #iphonewallpaper
a bunch of bows that are on top of a white paper sheet with watercolor paint
50+ Charming Bow Wallpapers to Adorn Your Phone
From the coquette aesthetic, to ribbons on christmas trees, to hair ribbons, bows are having a major moment right now! And I have to say, I love this trend. I love adorning the various aspects of my life with a hint of subtle femininity— including my phone screen! That’s why I whipped up these 50+ cute bow phone wallpapers just for you. Now you can sprinkle a bit of charm on your phone and enjoy that extra touch of sweetness in your daily scroll. 🎀✨
a painting of various items that are on display
an image of many different types of breads and pastries on a table top
strawberries and daisies on a pink background with white flowers in the center, all drawn by hand
Fondo de frutillas
Retro, Queen, Chinoiserie, Kuku, Bunga, Led, Style
Christmas phone inspo✨
an abstract floral design in blue and green colors on a black background with gold accents
a painting of a slice of watermelon and a glass of wine on a table
a dog is laying down in the middle of some red flowers and green grass with an animal on it's back
kids on a highway in space
space highway