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a harry potter poster with words written on it
the internet meme is very funny and it looks like they are talking to each other
U bastard - Funny
a person holding up a receipt with the word walmart in red and black on it
Harry Potter Memes
the poster for harry potter's movie my life is a lie, with two different images
31 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About The "Harry Potter" Series
an image of two women talking to each other with the caption that says, what do you want?
an image of a man with glasses and a doctor who appears to be doing something
Death •hp⚡ - [1.2] Duch
i saw a hogwarts's wife name, i was sure i can unlock it so i wrote alohora i was right
I saw a 'Hogwarts' wifi name, I was sure I can unlock it so I wrote 'alohomora' I was right