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ZeroBounce Announces New API for Bulk Email Validation

ZeroBounce, provider of email verification services, has announced the addition of a new API for bulk email validation. The new API is designed for users with frequent email validation needs, that would prefer to automate the entire process.

How to Calculate ROI on Email Marketing? - The Marketing Folks

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods that gives the highest ROI. Even though email marketing offers a high ROI, many people aren’t using it to get the best results. Failing to calculate ROI is one of the reasons marketers don’t get the most out of their email marketing campaigns. Instead of missing out […]

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Email verification is becoming the go-to service for marketers who made email the core of their strategy. Its ability to detect risky addresses that ended up on your list is essential to your email deliverability. With the number of email verification services increasing on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. What’s the accuracy you should aim for? What’s the fair price to pay? How do you make sure your data is safe? Read on to find the answers to these questions. What is…

Our interview with Zero Bounce — Two Girls and a Laptop

Last month, we were interviewed over with Zero Bounce for their Let’s Talk About Email series. Zero Bounce are a leading online email verifier system, ensuring that companies sending complex and high volume email avoid deliverability issues - something that we are passionate about, making sure that your emails actually arrive in your subscribers inbox.

Cosa fare quando le email e le newsletter non arrivano a destinazione

L'invio di email a un gran numero di utenti non è una "scienza esatta" e tante problematiche di diverso tenore possono rendere difficoltosa la consegna dei messaggi di posta. ZeroBounce è un servizio che, a tutti i livelli, permette di controllare la validità degli indirizzi email scongiurando errori, migliorando la deliverability e la propria reputazione online.

Verifica indirizzo email: scoprire se esiste -

Verificare indirizzo email attivo e scoprire se un account di posta elettronica esiste davvero. Come fare a superare la tecnica del greylisting e le policy usate da molti server remoti.

29 Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results (2020)

Need to increase your revenue and email engagement? Do it with these 29 simple yet effective email marketing best practices for 2020!

10 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Email Bounce Rate

Here are 10 different way to eliminate email bounce rate to ensure that your email marketing efforts generate returns

6 Email Marketing Best Practices With Marketing Automation | Blogging Tips

Email marketing is one of the most underrated channels for improving e-commerce marketing results. It can be used effectively not just by retail businesses, but also tech companies, startups, and any brand that relies on mass appeal. Emails are effective at selling everything from tech gadgets t ...

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Top 3 Tools Great Marketers Use To Save Time And Increase Conversions — Digital Marketing Consultants Specialized in SEO, Paid Search | Los Angeles

If email is a part of your digital marketing strategy, you must always keep an eye on the quality of your email list.

8 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we all know how great email marketing is at bringing a hefty return on our investments. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the full return on your investment, these tips will help your company get better results. Continue reading this article to learn eight tips to make your email marketing more effective. …

ZeroBounce - Email Validation Service And Deliverability Toolkit

Our Email Validation Service quickly and accurately removes invalid, disposable, spam traps, abusive and other harmful email addresses. 98% Accuracy Guaranteed. Try our Free Trial now!

How Is ZeroBounce GDPR Compliant -

ZeroBounce is fully GDPR compliant so you can rest assured your data stays safe during the email verification process.

ZeroBounce AI Email Scoring and Catch All Validator -

ZeroBounce AI Email Scoring and Catch All Validator | 98% Accuracy Guaranteed