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the inside of a window frame with white pine interior and red, blue, and green boxes
Air Sealing: Step 03 - Poking Holes
The BLDGtyp Blog: Air Sealing: Step 03 - Poking Holes
a woman is painting the walls in her house
Craftsman Style Made Simple: Your DIY Guide to Window Trim
DIY Simple Craftsman Shaker Window & Door Trim by The DIY Mommy
the corner of a room with a curtain rod
crown molding - traditional molding and contemporary crown molding
molding-cool molding-love this molding-crown-crown molding-Memphis crown molding
a person holding a piece of wood in their hand
ЗАПИСКИ ДИЗАЙНЕРА – Дизайн, Интерьеры, Кухни, Мебель, Идеи, Мода, Проектирование, Обучение
дневник дизайнера: Английская мебель в ванную комнату, фото отчет построения в 99 картинок
before and after shots of kitchen cabinets with white paint on the bottom, top and bottom
White Kitchen Makeover: Small Updates to Make a Big Impact
Adding picture frame wainscoting to a kitchen/dining room makes it so classy! Crown molding above the cabinets, too.
an image of a room being viewed from the ceiling with wood beams on it
Here is the rendered Craftsman style coffered ceiling built entirely from profiles found in our in-stock collection. On this layout you'll see that the main and cross beam details are identical. The wall beam will be a little more built-up to replicate traditional layouts found in Craftsman style homes. We'll show you that detail in a moment.
the instructions for how to paint a wall
Primed Pine 300 Chair Rail 3" x 8' x 1 1/16" EverTrue Primed Pine 300 Chair Rail 3" x 8' x 1 1/16" by EverTrue $ Enter ZIP code for price Save Product Information Item #: 160237 Model #: L0430028 Primed and ready to paint See Full Specs Share With a Friend
the parts of a cabinet door with names and measurements on each side, including an upper drawer
How to Build a Wainscoted Wall
How to Build a Wainscoted Wall - Step by Step: The Family Handyman
an image of a red and white room with the words elevate your walls
Add detail to your walls by combining several...
Add detail to your walls by combining several different moulding profiles into on unique build-up. Click through to learn more.
an image of how to decorate the walls in your house with pictures and text on it
Formal Chair Rail Build-Up Project || Create a custom look for your dining room's chair rail by simply combining various pieces of moulding into “build-ups”. Click through for the instructions.
the base cap is shown with measurements for each piece of wood that has been cut in half
the parts of a skirting board are labeled
DIY Baseboards, Molding and Trim • The Budget Decorator
DIY baseboards, moldings, trim-1