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birds flying through time clock breaks clock broke, time broken time flies tattoo I love the style. Maybe I could get something else like a globe or something to do with geology/paleontology.

I LOVE THIS! I can't tell if the color is teal or just black in weird lighting, but if it's teal, it was a fantastic choice :)

Awesome back tattoo with awesome color. It's a great abstraction idea which can be used for both men and women. Creative and gorgeous tattoo.

Eye tattoos for men have continued to earn more popularity in the modern world. The young and old men are ever seeking for tattoo experts, but before you jump unto the bandwagon, there are various…

Double Exposure Portraits Where I Merge Two Worlds Into One | Bored Panda

Double-exposure or its imitation is nothing new on creative scene, but anyway it strongly depends on the quality of visuals selected for that. Young French artists Nevess does it very well sharing …