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Who's the Killer?

Each of the numbers is a month that represents an initial like for instance 9 is September and the s is the third letter in Jason and was the third number in the numbers

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No better way to show the world that you hate life.

This kitten looks like that Italian  chef from Rocco's show!!!

wink wink Awww so cute!

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How did Duge know that I wanted a Maine Coon cat and pin this pic?

Mama kitty her kitten. Piercing green eyes and deep blue eyes. These two are gorgeous together.

Green eye mom And Blue eye baby So sweet =)

So, I'm highly allergic to cats and generally don't like them at all; but even I think this is cute!

Cuteness SO CUTE it's ridiculous :) Awww! Looks like my kitten :D

Sweet dreams little one!

Adorable Little Baby Kitten Sleeping with her Bunny Best Friend - Sww

Tardar Sauce does not.

Oh Grumpy Puss! He's a pussy cat!

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