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1 MILLION Pounds of Food, 10,000 Fish & 500 yards of Compost on 3 Acres of Land! More

grow 1 Million pounds of food, year round. They’re in Milwaukee, WI where it’s cold enough outside in the winter to freeze boiling water in mid-air, and they grow food year round in climate controlled greenhouses.

Learn How To Build A DIY Hoop Greenhouse Green houses are a great way to extend your vegetable growing season in a cold climate. Building your own can help you save a lot of money as well as allowing you to customise the size to suit your needs.

Every thought about how to house those extra items and de-clutter the garden? Building a shed is a popular solution for creating storage space outside the house

DIY Huge & Inexpensive Hoop Style Greenhouse

We have featured several DIY greenhouse tutorials in the past, from a quite expensive barn style greenhouse through to a cheap plastic sheet greenhouse. This tutorial from ‘Alberta Home Gardening’ Continue reading