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Voor als je weinig ruimte hebt!

Christmas wall décor ideas Christmas season is around the corner and everyone has started making preparations to make this Christmas a memorable one.

Best Christmas in the world

I know it’s April, but this is Matt putting a star on a Christmas tree made out of books! That’s all the excuse I need to post.

Snowman wrapped chocolate bars Ideas for the neighbors

Snowman wrapped chocolate bars Ideas for the neighbors

I hate you Jake. I hate you so much for destroying me the way you did. You've fucked me up so much, I'm scared to fall in love again. I'm scared to open up and let someone get to know me.. none of these guys are you... I don't want them to be you, but I don't even know who's good for me an who isn't. Why did you do this to me? Why wasn't I good enough for you...

War is an understatement! Becoming a new person and not even realizing it. I dont fight like anormal person. Missing u.