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a woman standing in front of a trailer wearing a jacket with the letter f on it
Lemme guess: she's wearing Archie's jacket
a young man and woman embracing each other
Camilla and KJ / Veronica and Archie #Riverdale
a man holding a baby in his arms while standing next to two women and a trailer
a group of people standing next to each other
a woman sitting next to a man on top of a couch in front of a bar
Finally my hope came back 'cause I was really believing in the fact that Jughead died on season 1!!
three people standing next to each other in a kitchen with green walls and blue cabinets
- S01E07
the iconic Riverdale Core Four in their retro outfits: a concept
two people sitting on a couch looking at each other's foreheads and eyes
❤ Bughead
two young women sitting next to each other
two beautiful young women standing next to each other holding their hands in front of their faces
a group of people sitting around a table in front of a checkerboard floor
Pop's #Riverdale
a neon sign that says stop and check out shoppe
Como eu queria um pop's na minha vida!!!
two women sitting at a table with food and drinks in front of them, one is leaning on the woman's back
Betty and Veronica ❤
a woman is posing with her hands on her hips while wearing a sweater and looking at the camera
Lili is so gorgeous