white flower guide

White Flower Guide

White wedding flower guide from the Wedding Chicks I love these flower displays for when as an artist someone asks for a flower I don't know or a color flower- go see what these women do with flowers. they are amazing!

Hanging jar vases Jam jar rose vases DIY Bottle vase garland how to display flowers without a vase. no-vase flowers. amazing flower arrangement arranging ideas for valentines day mother's day.


California Poppies (Iceland poppy shown): – Don’t worry when using California Poppies since they are not addictive and do not have any opium in the plant. However, it can be used to help reduce anxiety and insomnia, as well as bladder problems in children


Forget me nots remind me of our wedding. We gave out packets of forget-me-not seeds


pics styled by Tara Ballantyne and photographed by Trine Thorsen for the latest issue of Norwegian Elle Decoration,

Lily of the valley

062114 sweet williams ~ "Kate Middleton carried a simple, but very pretty bouquet containing lily of the valley, sweet william, and hyacinth. Lily of the Valley is a symbol for the return of happiness.

Deep Plum

Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos atrosanguineus Also commonly known as Cosmos choca mocha, Cosmos atrosanguineus (Asterales - Asteraceae) is a rare, perennial, and aromatic species, native to Mexico (now.

delicate blossoms

Flower recipe : 2 stems of Hawthorne flowers 3 bunches of lily of the valley 5 stems of white lilac 3 stems of solomon's seal 1 stem deutzia 1 striped vase filed with cold water- I've used& one from Coterie.

subtle and stunning

Love the peach dahlias and the little bit of green leaves and pops of white mixed in. Also love the size and shape of this bouquet. Would just get rid of the darker pink flowers, or replace with something else white, green, or peach.

#DIY Hanging vases made from used light bulbs.

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)