So bathroom

Looking at this charming bathroom with a creative twist, a bicycle sink. Would you ever use a bike and transform it into a bicycle sink in your bathroom? I think the black & white tile floor and b

By calivintage

I want that blue Bicycle , love those old fashion bikes. Even though I don't ride them anymore

Taking No Chances A mother fastening a notice reading 'Please Mr Motorist, watch out for me', onto her son's back before he sets out on a trial bicycle ride. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images. ~B&W Photography~

a bicycle fence

Better Late Than Never, Did You Miss Me?

Recycle your old bikes and make a bike fence with plants in the baskets. You can also use the bikes for climbing vine plants.

Amsterdam and its bikes

:: missing Amsterdam :: Amsterdam and its bikes. i've been here. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people who live there

button bicycles. :)

adorable bikes with button wheels I think it is a great idea and you could do it with flowers and bugs and things.

a lovely vibrant pink bike... what more could we girls ask for?

The Lady in Pink by Twiggs Photography. Gives me an idea of picking up an old bike off the side of the road and painting it any color. You could hang it or more than one on a wall for VERY CHEAP art work.


In front of the 1938 California cottage is a Liberty of London bicycle. (Pinned for the fence roses and bike)


Bicycle storage rack ideas created by Chris Brigham who had begun his home furnishings company, Knife and Saw, after more than a decade working in graphic design.