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two foxes are sitting next to each other
an orange fox curled up and sleeping on top of the ground with its eyes closed
tiffanyford: Photo
tiffanyford : Photo
a red fox sitting on top of a dry grass field
Red Fox
Red Fox; They are so majestic looking, they never look real.
a red fox standing on top of a snow covered ground
And the proud owner of the red dot is...
The red fox lives along side wolves, coyotes and all the other animals. Serving as a balance in nature to culling out the weak or sick or just larger numbers of all sorts of animals.
an orange fox with blue eyes looking at the camera
renard …
a close up of a red fox looking at the camera
Superb Nature
Fox portrait by Korinna76
three pictures of a fox laying in the snow
Fox | Vixen | Tod | Renard | лисица | Zorro | 狐 | Sionnach | Sleepy Fox by Les Piccolo
a red fox curled up sleeping in the snow
Oops! | fox_snow_lying_grass_56531_640x1136
a small brown and white dog laying in the grass with a flower on it's head
a close up of a fox in the snow
an animal that is laying on its back in the dirt with it's paw hanging out
X. It’s what’s happening
(81) Твиттер
a fox drinking water from a pond with it's reflection in the wet surface
a red fox sniffing the water with its reflection in it's glassy surface