E de princesa

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Love is..

love is . something you would not exchange for all the money in the world, tempting but then it's not love.

Love is...when you both bring something to the relationship

You looked very nice last night and our talk was so intimate. May this day bring you joy and fill your heart with my love. We both Bring something incredibly special.

Love is... his warm legs to put your cold feet on.  l ol!! "Feel my legs I just shaved...ooooh your legs are all warm!"  "OMG your legs are freezing you're gonna make us both cold"  He's so cute sometimes.  <3 My ShaNayNay

You can put your cold feet on me forever Baby! I love it because I know that you're laying right beside me. I love you Tasha, cold feet and all!

Love is....

"Love is.letting her have 5 more minutes" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali. But he gave me an hour awww that is love

when he does the cooking

Just like tonight. I was going to help cook and he tells me to go sit and relax. Love when he cooks.