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Barajul Siriu

valea neagra, siriu, buzau county, from the air

Sfinxul din Bucegi

The-Sphinx-of-Bucegi Thе Bucegi Sphinx саn bе found іn thе Bucegi Mountains, аt аn altitude οf feet. Thе Sphinx οf Bucegi wаѕ named thіѕ way bесаυѕе іt resembles a human head аnԁ bесаυѕе іt bears a close resemblance tο thе Egyptian Sphinx.

Manastirea Voronet

Voronet Monastery is located near Gura Humorului, in Suceava County and it was built by Stefan cel Mare from May till September in The Monastery is known for the special shade of blue (Voronet blue) from its frescoes, one illustraiting the Last Judgemen

Manastirea Horezu

Horezu Monastery - is the largest religious settlement in Oltenia and is considered the most beautiful and refined example of Romanian architecture.

Pestera Ursilor

The Apuseni mountains are home to Romania's most beautiful cave. The Bears' Cave (Pestera Ursilor) is the most spectacular cave tourists can visit, due both to the sheer number of stalagmites and stalactites and to their forms.



Rezervatia Naturala de Zimbri Dragos Voda, Vanatori Neamt

Rezervatia Naturala de Zimbri Dragos Voda, Vanatori Neamt