Corvin Castle - Hunedoara, Transylvania. Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for 7 years. Supposed to be extremely haunted.

Abandoned Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Transylvania - Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for 7 years, supposed to be extremely haunted

Bucharest Romania august summer 2010 DSC_0271 (2)

The main street leading to the Parliament building. We almost got t boned in traffic here.

Romanian Pancakes-Clatite - Romanian Mum Blog

Romanian Pancakes-Clatite

Romanian pancakes are similar to French crepes but they are more like a light,thin pancake. Like crepes they can be prepared with a savory or sweet filling. Unlike French crepes they do not get dry and they can be kept in the refrigerator and reheated.