Afina-Laura Chiriac

Afina-Laura Chiriac

Afina-Laura Chiriac
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Degu Treat Recipe

Degu treat recipe or good for a sick degu - I made this the other day and got two baking trays full and my goos love them.

Rat cage, willow nest - I love this look!!

Rat cage, willow nest: I think Apollo would love a little swinging chair like that.

DIY rat bed and ladder, no sewing just tieing and cutting :-)

Make a cube hammock that has a ladder for your rats! Cut six squares of fabric for the cube, then cut the edges of each square into strips of fringe.

Cute DIY tutorial - food puzzle for pet rats

Used these toys with all our pets (mice, rats, guinea pigs, blind & deaf rabbit, chinchilla etc) and they all love them!

Degu pile

Degu cages don't need to cost a fortune. Join us to learn about the best affordable homes for your small animal.