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I could post this a million times and it would never be enough.  The absolute perfect description of the feels of loving someone far away.

it's difficult because i am over here and you are over there and when i'm with you hours feel like seconds and when i'm without you days feel like years. Oh my sweet love I long to be in your arms.

Arabic Mehendi/Henna Designs

Henna is an important part in Indian culture. This article gives you some amazing heart henna designs you can try for yourself.


Shows how to do a simple smokey cat eye with a pop of color! Replace the red with any other color and it will still look just as stunning. Or maybe stop before the pop of color for a more daytime look.

A few more drinks and your buddy could die... a few more hoots and you'd just... eat doritos and pass out. -H

Yeah idk whats wrong with my friend but she drinks not smoke and i watch her throw up all night will i float in space


I seriously love this idea----could be so pretty to incorporate this (something other than birds for me) woven throughout a half sleeve. Rainbow Colored Birds (Tattoo U)