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This kind of staircase but the small boxes on top of the bigger cabinets will be an open shelf for books or slippers.

For the basement stairs: cabinets, stairs with flip up steps and very narrow stairs. Each step goes up one at a time for each foot. It is sort of spaced so you are putting one foot per step with a steeper step. Very space-saving.

Creative contemporary staircase design. Photo credit: Archi Expo A few months ago, we posted an article that asked: LADDER vs. STAIRCASE, which would you choose for your Tiny …

Beautiful take on some wooden stairs! And perfect for a tiny home. Love the alternating rungs. Future House,Interior design,Small house,Tiny Home,

It's still possible to create a wonderful space even when ceiling height is an issue.

A brilliant idea and set up for an attic bedroom for small children. It can also become a guest room for children, or a little nook when everyone has grown out of the bed space.