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a man is standing under a tree made out of green leaves and cactuses in the background
Cyril Lancelin’s cacti installations muse the theme of nature and artificial landscape
a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a white surface with flowers all over her body
The Alarming Ceramic Sculptures of Hitomi Murakami - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a white statue sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a plant growing out of it's head
Grotesque Sculptures by Yui Ishibashi Depicts Nature Overpowering Humans
moss covered floor with chairs and table in the middle on white wall space between two walls
Katarzyna Kot-Bach | Art Installations, Sculpture, Contemporary Art
an arrangement of fake birds in a tree
Sculptures By Garret Kane Capture Nature’s Cycle And Its Fragile Beauty
a piece of wood that has some plants growing out of it
TANAKA Keisuke: While representation of figure has long been a central interest in wood sculpture, Keisuke Tanaka creates sceneries of forests … | 中式元素 in 2019 | Wood sculpture, Wood art, Diy wood projects
a white head with green moss growing in it's face on a gray surface
Beautiful Bizarre Exhibition 'Gaia Reborn: A Future Utopia' @ Project M, Urban Nation Museum