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Hahaha oh Ellie don't be silly! They've had it since episode one!

Legit I got so sad when they didn't know what shipping was but I let it slide cuz they're so amazing

Kyle Harris and Emma Ishta in Stitchers. (I do NOT own this picture- all credit to whoever does) Funny. Go CAMSTEN!

Kyle Harris and Emma Ishta in Stitchers. Go CAMSTEN! I don't have a stitchers board but I should make one

STITCHERS - 'All In' - Now closer than ever to uncovering the mysteries surrounding her family, Kirsten uncovers a shocking secret in the season finale episode of 'Stitchers' airing on TUESDAY, MAY 24 p. EDT), on Freeform.

S3 Ep2 "For Love and Money" -  #Stitchers

S3 Ep2 "For Love and Money" - #Stitchers

Season 2 Episode 2: Cam and Kirsten

Season 2 Episode Cam and Kirsten

#Stitchers 1x01 "A Stitch in Time" - Kirsten and Cameron

Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris in Stitchers. "Get out of here, Cameron" - "Sorry, cupcake, not without you." How many nicknames does he have for her? There's stretch, cupcake.