Ana-Maria Crisan

Ana-Maria Crisan

Ana-Maria Crisan
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Dark Hair Colors: Deep Black Hair Colors

PRODUCTS FORVOLUME AND THICKNESS Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment, This is perfect for reviving old hair. Long bob haircut pictures front and back The pomegranate oil softens it without drowning hair, leaving it voluminous.

I'm always looking for a new great weekly spread! This round up of weeklies are ones that I've gathered and I found interesting but haven't yet used.

Gorgeous headers for your bullet journal show me your planner Came across this layout for a week glance. This is what I want. Why aren't more planners laid out like this?

A year in Pixels This is a GREAT way to see how your year is going! #bulletjournal

Each day, at the end of the day, decide how the day went. Color in a pixel. At the end of the year, you will be able to visually see how your year went!