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Draw a bigger fish! Your child can practice the concepts of bigger and biggest in this coloring math worksheet.

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Food and behavior is a big topic these days. Folks are talking about gluten-free diets, paleo diets, candida diets, and more. Does it all matter? Does food affect things like autism, ADD, ADHD and just plain old defiance? Ruth Almon, of Paleo Diet Basics is sharing with us some fascinating information about how food affects behavior. I was amazed when I read this–check it out and make sure to share it to get the word out. So many behavioral issues can be traced to the gut. We need to all…

The information and videos in this post are fascinating as researchers split kids into 2 groups and feed them different types of food. One group got typical party food while the other got more wholesome choices. The results are amazing.

Heal Behavioral Disorders: five ingredients to remove from your child's diet NOW | The Family That Heals Together

Heal Behavioral Disorders: Remove These Ingredients from Your Child's Diet NOW

Perhaps it was my youth and inexperience. I was only 20 when my daughter Amara was born, 22 when Gwen came along 21 months after Amara. I was the first person I knew in my social clique to have kid...

Disorders associated with ADHD. Many have similar symptoms and impairments. Getting the correct diagnosis is further confused by the high comorbidity rates associated with ADHD.