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a pink and yellow cake with flowers on it
there is a cake that has pink and gold decorations on it
a large white cake with gold decorations on it's sides and a castle in the middle
an old fashioned sewing machine on a wooden table next to a vase with pink flowers
a three tiered cake with white flowers on it's side and gold trimmings
White - gold wedding
a white and gold wedding cake with pink flowers
Quinceañera cakes and catering
an elaborately decorated cake with pink flowers on it's side, sitting on a plate
a pink and gold wedding cake sitting on top of a white pedestal in the grass
Mini Crystal Kintsugi Cake
a blue cake with white flowers and a baby sleeping on it's back top
Фото 579208130548 из альбома тортики для малышей. Разместила Торты на заказ И все для праздника в ОК