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Wisdom, Wiccan Magic, Divine
Purple Door Knob
cinnamons with the words through the doorway, cinnamon blower, spell of abundance, to let money flow
Cinnamon Spell Incantation to Attract Wealth and Abundance Magical Mantra Witch Positive Affirmation
Instagram, People, Lord, Prosperity Spell, Rituals, Energy Healing
1st of the month magick
a poem written in black and white with an image of the words, pick up the very first acorn you find in autumn and carry it in your purse or pocket all through fall and winter
two lemons with the words witch tip written in black and white on top of them
Powerful Magic Spells to Manifest Your Desires
acorn loree on a wooden table with the words above it
Acorn Lore
an apple sliced in half with the caption'magick tip '
Namaste, Chakras, For Good Luck, Good Luck, Pagan Witch, Wiccan Witch