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If already pined this one but it is so beautiful :D Drunk Sherlock is a a thing of beauty. [GIF]

potterwholockstarkid: “ littlemisshamish: “ detectiveangelinabox: “ onthelosingside: “ Let’s talk about how dainty drunk Sherlock is. ” His gay intensifies when he’s drunk. ” Why does his vomit look.

Шерлок Холмс

I love it when Sherlock gets pleased. It's usually for terrible reasons - kidnapping, forgery, murder most foul.but he's just so HAPPY about it.

I really want this to be true.....but Loki is so complicated I can never be sure

It's widely believed that Loki hates his brother. All this "no matter how much he said he hates Thor." - it is everywhere in the fandom. But the fact is that he NEVER said it. he could've implied it, but I personally don't think Loki hates Thor


I honestly just threw my Chrome book and started to cry. in school. I think people wanna send me to a mental asylum now. < I went from thinking 'aww that's sweet' to laughing because of this person.